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What's the best security camera system for your small business in Savannah?

February 12, 2024
Modern security camera and shoppers at grocery store

Whether you run an office, a boutique shop or a service shop, you must keep a keen eye on all that’s happening at your business. Video surveillance is vital and be part of your comprehensive security system. But what features should you have? Discover how the right security camera system for your small business in Savannah can benefit you.

Easy accessibility is essential for small business owners

Small business owners usually have numerous roles at a company. Besides overseeing the daily operations, you may be involved in finances, marketing, and other jobs. You should have a security camera system that adapts to your hectic schedule and off-site access is essential. Modern systems will let you review live video streams and recorded segments from wherever you are through a handy security app added to your smartphone or mobile device. They’ll also deliver critical updates right to your cellphone, 24-7.

Benefits of modern security camera systems in Savannah

How good is the image resolution? How broad is the field of vision? What can you expect when a camera detects suspicious movement? Those are some crucial questions to think about when selecting a security camera system for your small business in Savannah.

Install cameras with capabilities that make sense for your operation. Here are some of the tools you can expect to get from leading options:

  • 4K Ultra HD image sensor
  • Broad viewing angles up to 120 degrees or more
  • Infrared night vision capability
  • Straightforward access to real-time streams and recorded segments
  • Wired or wireless installations
  • Smart devices that can distinguish between people, animals, and cars
  • Motion detection
  • Timely updates delivered to cell phones

Note that inside video cameras typically have a shorter lens with a wider field of view. With that in mind, you can get indoor security cameras with 150-degree viewing. This broader perspective will help you better observe merchandise, people, and important areas like check-out stations.

Actively prevent break-ins at your small business in Savannah

Your small business is filled with merchandise and equipment that need to be protected day and night. While the mere presence of a video camera is enough to scare away many thieves, you can boost your defense even more with tools that actively deter criminal activity. Some top outdoor cameras use audible and visible warnings to discourage intruders and protect your property. You could even connect your cameras to other equipment. For instance, if your surveillance system discovers someone lurking, it can trigger lights to switch on - while also alerting you of the disturbance.

Find the best security camera system for your Savannah small business from Vivint

Consult with the industry leaders at Vivint and find the best protection for your Savannah small business. Our innovative surveillance systems offer everything you need, including HD imaging, night vision, and active deterrents. You’ll appreciate immediate notifications and effortless online access to stored video and live streams. Call (706) 770-6267 today and customize a full-featured security system for your property.